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Message from President: While LSU has been surmounting obstacle after obstacle on its way to achievement after achievement, LSU faculty governance has also been ripening, growing in stature and influence, and emerging as a nationwide model for responsible faculty supervision of universities. LSU, for example, is the home base of the Southeastern Conference Association of Faculty Leaders, is one of two coordinating centers for the Association of Louisiana Faculty Senates, is the general headquarters of the LSU System Council of Faculty Advisors, and has hosted the presentations of a variety of dignitaries, from the Louisiana Commissioner of Higher Education to members of the Louisiana Postsecondary Education Review Commission. To help our colleagues keep pace with the many activities of the Faculty Senate and to deliver essential information to those faculty whose busy schedules leave no time for Senate meetings, the Faculty Senate Executive Committee is launching this online newsletter, which we expect to deliver on a monthly basis. Rather than beleaguer its audience with every last detail of Senate and Executive Committee activity, this newsletter will keep faculty members abreast of the most important developments in the management of Louisiana’s preeminent higher education institution. This newsletter will also include special features, such as the “Administrator in the Spotlight,” a column in which our promising young Faculty Senate graduate assistants will interview and report on the responsibilities and lifestyles of the day-to-day managers of our great university. We thank you for your interest and hope that this newsletter helps you to help us improve LSU. With all good wishes, Kevin L. Cope, Faculty Senate President