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Spring 2006


The first survey conducted in the aftermath of hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the spring 2006 Louisiana Survey revealed that the catastrophic effects of the hurricanes in the summer of 2005 wiped out the incremental gains that the Survey had detected in resident optimism for the future of the state. Other aspects measured by the spring 2006 Survey included:

  • a perception that all Louisiana residents, regardless of socioeconomic status, were "in the same boat" following the hurricanes
  • the emergence of rebuilding as the most prominent problem facing the state, and the subsequent decline of confidence in the future of the state
  • falling grades of Louisiana overall as a place to live
  • spending priorities in the state
  • budgetary splits
  • recognizing responsibilities for rebuilding
  • allocation of funds for rebuilding
  • perception of a longer duration for the recovery process
  • the role of the public in the rebuilding process
  • perceptions of Louisiana's image in the national media following the events surrounding the 2005 hurricanes
  • privacy vs. open access to electronic healthcare data
  • state mental health