The effects of paired kinesthetic movements on literacy skills acquisition with preschoolers

Erica D. Lozy, Louisiana State University.
Sarah C. Holmes, Louisiana State University.
Jeanne M. Donaldson, Louisiana State University.


Students who fail to acquire foundational literacy skills during preschool are more likely to read below grade level average in elementary school and are at a heightened risk for future school failure, poverty, early mortality, and crime. The purpose of this study was to compare the effects and maintenance of and preference for paired kinesthetic movements (KM) to a traditional drill (TD) procedure on letter-sound correspondence and word recognition with 6 preschool children. In 6 of 11 evaluations, participants mastered the KM set in substantially fewer intervention sessions than the TD set. In 5 of 11 evaluations, participants mastered the KM and TD sets with little differentiation between the number of intervention sessions. No participant mastered the control set. Maintenance data demonstrate a higher number of correct responses for the KM condition across all weeks. Preference varied across participants and was not always consistent with the more effective intervention.