Suicide Cognitions Scale: Psychometric Support in a Community Sample Using Bifactor Modeling and Altered Item Content

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The Suicide Cognitions Scale (SCS) measures suicide-related beliefs proposed by the Fluid Vulnerability Theory. A recent investigation of a revised version of the SCS (i.e., SCS-R) which omits items explicitly referencing suicide has indicated that the measure is highly influenced by a general factor and may be useful for distinguishing severity levels of suicidal thoughts and behaviors; however, limited concurrent validity studies with a range of suicide-related experiences have been conducted. As such, this study replicated and extended previous psychometric research on the SCS-R in an online survey study with a community sample of = 10,625 U.S. adults. Results confirmed the unidimensional structure of the SCS-R. Logistic regression analyses indicated that the total score of the SCS-R is useful in distinguishing varying levels of suicidal thoughts and behaviors such as past-month planning for suicide without attempt versus past-month suicide attempt. Implications and limitations are discussed.

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