Spaced-retrieval effects on name-face recognition in older adults with probable Alzheimer's disease

Karri S. Hawley, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge 70803-5501, USA.
Katie E. Cherry


Six older adults with probable Alzheimer's disease (AD) were trained to recall a name-face association using the spaced-retrieval method. We administered six training sessions over a 2-week period. On each trial, participants selected a target photograph and stated the target name, from eight other photographs, at increasingly longer retention intervals. Results yielded a positive effect of spaced-retrieval training for name-face recognition. All participants were able to select the target photograph and state the target's name for longer periods of time within and across training sessions. A live-person transfer task was administered to determine whether the name-face association, trained by spaced-retrieval, would transfer to a live person. Half of the participants were able to call the live person by the correct name. These data provide initial evidence that spaced-retrieval training can aid older adults with probable AD in recall of a name-face association and in transfer of that association to an actual person.