Screening ADHD problems in the sports behavior checklist: factor structure, convergent and divergent validity, and group differences

Aaron A. Clendenin, Department of Psychology, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA 70803-5501, USA.
Michael S. Businelle
Mary Lou Kelley


The Sports Behavior Checklist (SBC) is subjected to a principal components analysis, and subscales are correlated with subscales of the Conners' Revised Parent Form and the Social Skills Rating System. Both of these analyses are conducted to determine the construct validity of the instrument. A subsample of lower socioeconomic status individuals is used to compare ADHD and control group differences on the subscales of the SBC. The authors find that a six-factor solution, as proposed by the original authors, accounted for 71.5% of the variance. As hypothesized, subscales on the SBC are low to moderately related to subscales on the anchor measures. Significant group differences are found on the Aggression, Emotional Reactivity, and Injury subscales. Implications and limitations are discussed.