Multimethod assessment of driving in older adults using a novel driving simulator

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Driving simulators may be an effective means of assessing driving performance, however many are cost-prohibitive. The present pilot study examined whether a novel, cost-effective driving simulator (Assetto Corsa (AC)) may be useful in the evaluation of older adults' driving performance, and explore associations among various driving safety indicators. A community sample of older adults completed a battery of cognitive measures, several self-reported driving measures, and a novel driving simulator task (AC). Simple attention, executive functioning, and processing speed were associated with simulator performance variables. Lower self-rated driving safety was associated with slower simulated driving. Additionally, several cognitive domains were associated with perceptions about driving-related safety and driving-related legal repercussions (e.g., traffic tickets). Findings suggested that associations between cognitive tests with AC were less robust than those found in other simulator studies. Novel associations between cognitive performance and self-reported driving were identified; however, given the small sample size of this study, such associations should be explored further.

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Applied neuropsychology. Adult

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