Mindfulness Ameliorates the Relationship between Weight Concerns and Smoking Behavior in Female Smokers: A Cross-Sectional Investigation

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Weight concerns are common among female smokers and may interfere with smoking cessation. It is imperative to identify protective factors to lessen the likelihood that smoking-related weight concerns prompt smoking and hinder cessation efforts. Mindfulness is one potential protective factor that might prevent weight concerns from triggering smoking. In the current study, relationships among facets of trait mindfulness, smoking-related weight concerns, and smoking behavior were examined among 112 young adult female smokers (70.5% daily smokers; 83% Caucasian; mean age 20 [ = 1.69]). After controlling for demographic variables, the facet of trait mindfulness predicted lower smoking-related weight concerns. The mindfulness characteristics of , , and moderated the relationship between smoking-related weight concerns and smoking frequency, such that smoking-related weight concerns predicted greater smoking frequency in female smokers with low and medium levels of these mindfulness characteristics but did not in those with higher levels of mindfulness. These results suggest that mindfulness-based interventions may be effective for weight-concerned smokers.

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