Factor structure of the Matson Evaluation of Social Skills with Youngsters-II (MESSY-II)

Johnny L. Matson, Department of Psychology, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA 70803, United States. johnmatson@aol.com
Daniene Neal
Julie A. Worley
Alison M. Kozlowski
Jill C. Fodstad


The importance of social skills in development is a well studied area of research, and deficits in these skills can have implications long into adulthood. Therefore, assessment tools must be able to aid clinicians in identifying areas of weaknesses to target in treatment. The purpose of the current paper was to investigate the factor structure of a well researched measure of social skills, the Matson Evaluation of Social Skills with Youngsters (MESSY), which has recently been re-normed to update its psychometric properties. As such, this measure has now been dubbed the MESSY-II. This new norm sample was utilized in the current study to determine whether the original two factor structure for the MESSY would remain for the MESSY-II. Based on factor analysis, a three factor model was found to be ideal. Implications of these findings are discussed.