Event-Specific Cannabis Use and Cannabis Use Motives

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BACKGROUND: Specific events such as Mardi Gras (MG) and St. Patrick's Day (SPD) have been identified as high-risk events for cannabis use. Further, some campuses may have traditions that are associated with more event-specific cannabis use. OBJECTIVES: Campus A has specific traditions regarding MG whereas Campus B has specific traditions regarding SPD and these campuses are differentially related to event-specific cannabis use (Buckner, Henslee, & Jeffries, 2015 ). Yet, little work has identified individual difference variables related to high-risk cannabis use events. METHODS: Current cannabis using undergraduates (N = 154) at two campuses completed an online survey of event-specific cannabis use motives, cannabis use, and cannabis-related problems. RESULTS: Campus A endorsed more MG-specific social and enhancement motives than Campus B. Campus A reported more socially, enhancement, coping, conformity, and expansion motivated cannabis use on MG than on SPD, whereas Campus B reported more socially and enhancement motivated cannabis use on SPD than on MG. Campus A was indirectly related to more MG-specific cannabis use through MG-specific social and enhancement motives. Conclusions/Importance: Event-specific cannabis motives are differentially related to specific high-risk cannabis use events and may be important therapeutic targets.

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Substance use & misuse

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