Autism spectrum disorders: management over the lifespan

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For the majority of the autism spectrum disorder (ASD) population, symptoms begin within the first years of life and associated difficulties continue throughout the lifespan. Currently, the research literature focuses more heavily on problems in childhood. However, given that adulthood accounts for the majority of life, more focus should be placed on evidence-based, lifelong treatment and management strategies for ASD. Areas covered: This paper reviews the topic of lifelong ASD management, primarily emphasizing issues in adolescence and adulthood. Among the topics discussed are timing and methods of treatment across the lifespan, and specific intervention targets that emerge or are more relevant to this older cohort. Expert commentary: Several advances have been made in the treatment of adolescent and adult specific issues. However, research should continue to focus on these areas. Greater focus on coordination of care across disciplines and policy regarding ASD management over the lifespan is also required.

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Expert review of neurotherapeutics

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