Validation of the Beck Depression Inventory-II in a low-income African American sample of medical outpatients

Karen B. Grothe, Department of Psychology, Louisiana State University, LA, USA.
Gareth R. Dutton
Glenn N. Jones
Jamie Bodenlos
Martin Ancona
Phillip J. Brantley


The psychometric properties of the Beck Depression Inventory-II (BDI-II) are well established with primarily Caucasian samples. However, little is known about its reliability and validity with minority groups. This study evaluated the psychometric properties of the BDI-II in a sample of low-income African American medical outpatients (N=220). Reliability was demonstrated with high internal consistency (.90) and good item-total intercorrelations. Criterion-related validity was demonstrated. A confirmatory factor analysis supported a hierarchical factor structure in which the BDI-II reflected 2 first-order factors (Cognitive and Somatic) that in turn reflected a second-order factor (Depression). These results are consistent with previous findings and thus support the use of the BDI-II in assessing depressive symptoms for African American patients in a medical setting.