Unreliable block span reveals simulated intellectual disability on the stanford-binet intelligence scales-fifth edition

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Previously developed validity measures are largely lacking in their ability to accurately distinguish malingerers from individuals with genuine intellectual disabilities (ID). The purpose of the present study was to develop a validity index for the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales-Fifth Edition (SB-5) aimed at detecting malingered ID. Fifty-four college students were instructed to feign impairment consistent with mental retardation while completing the SB-5. Simulated malingerers performed significantly poorer on the Block Span task of the SB-5 than did individuals with genuine impairment. A Block Span Validity Index (BSVI) cutoff score of less than 10 showed perfect specificity by correctly identifying all persons with true ID and demonstrated 52% sensitivity in identifying persons feigning impairment. For the detection of malingered ID, the BSVI yielded favorable results, although more research is needed to validate the BSVI using a known-groups study design.

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Applied neuropsychology. Adult

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