The relationship between parents' first concerns and symptoms of autism spectrum disorders

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OBJECTIVE: To examine the relationship between parents' first concerns and early Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) symptoms. METHODS: Symptoms of ASD were compared in 1393 toddlers with and without a diagnosis of an ASD, based on the area of parents' first concerns. Communication and behaviour problems were examined in the current study, as they are the most frequently reported first concerns in the literature. A series of one-way, between-subjects ANOVAs were conducted on each sub-scale of the BISCUIT Part-1. RESULTS: Symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) significant differences were found between most groups on all sub-scales. On the Socialization/Non-verbal Communication and Repetitive Behaviour/Restricted Interest sub-scales, those with ASD and behaviour concerns had the highest scores. On the Communication sub-scale, those with ASD and communication concerns had the highest scores. CONCLUSIONS: A significant relationship exists between early ASD symptoms and area of first concern. The implications of these results are discussed.

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Developmental neurorehabilitation

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