Perfectionism And Suicidal Ideation An Examination Of Premotivational Factors Within The Integrated Motivational-Volitional Model Of Suicide

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Moscardini, Emma: 0000-0003-3057-9458

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Background: The integrated motivational-volitional (IMV) model of suicidal behavior posits that defeat Leads to suicidal ideation through increased vulnerability for feelings of entrapment. One potentially important vulnerability factor for the development of feelings of defeat is socially prescribed perfectionism. Aims: The current study investigated these relationships in a sample of 313 US adults. Method: Mediation and parallel mediation analyses were conducted to determine the relationships between defeat, entrapment, social prescribed perfectionism, negative social comparison, and rejection sensitivity. Results: Findings indicated that socially prescribed perfectionism was significantly related to defeat through both negative social comparison and rejection sensitivity even when controlling for depression symptoms. Negative social comparison and rejection sensitivity were related to entrapment through feelings of defeat. This relationship was strongest when analyzing externalized (vs. internalized) entrapment. Limitations: The findings were limited by the cross-sectional study design as well as the relatively homogeneous sample. Implications and future directions are discussed.

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Crisis-The Journal Of Crisis Intervention And Suicide Prevention

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