Spaced retrieval enhances memory for a name-face-occupation association in older adults with probable Alzheimer's disease

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The authors trained 4 older adults with probable Alzheimer's disease to recall a name-face-occupation association using the spaced retrieval technique. Six training sessions were administered over a 2-week period. On each trial, participants selected a target photograph and stated the target name and occupation at increasingly longer retention intervals, contingent upon successful recall. Two transfer tasks were included to determine whether the trained association transferred to the person whose picture served as the training stimulus. Results yielded a positive effect of spaced retrieval on memory for the trained association. Analyses of errors revealed that participants remembered the target person's occupation more often than his or her name. There was modest evidence of transfer of the name-face-occupation association to the actual person. Implications of these data for memory remediation and quality of life in cognitively impaired older adults are considered.

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The Journal of genetic psychology

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