Negative schizotypy attenuates the effect of momentary stress on social dysfunction related to COVID-19 social distancing

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Schizotypy is associated with a broad range of motivational and social dysfunctions. However, there is reason to suspect that negative schizotypy may limit social dysfunction in specific contexts that typically increase isolation and loneliness. We analyzed whether positive, negative and disorganized facets of schizotypy would mitigate detrimental reactions to stress in the context of a global stressor (the COVID-19 pandemic) that has widely necessitated social and physical isolation. Responses to two measures of schizotypy were compared to ecological momentary assessments of social dysfunction for 85 undergraduates using multilevel modelling techniques. Negative schizotypy moderated the relation between momentary stress and loss of social support, such that negative schizotypy limited the magnitude of social dysfunction stemming from increases in momentary stress. This pattern was not seen for other facets of schizotypy. Implications for the treatment and measurement of schizotypy symptoms are discussed.

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Schizophrenia research

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