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We report performance measurements of a sub-millimeter resolution CdZnTe strip detector developed as a prototype for astronomical instruments operating with good efficiency in the 30-300 keV photon energy range. The prototype is a 1.4 mm thick, 64 × 64 contact stripe CdZnTe array of 0.375 mm pitch in both dimensions. Pulse height spectra were recorded in orthogonal-stripe coincidence mode which demonstrate room-temperature energy resolution < 10 keV (FWHM) for 122 keV photons with a peak-to-valley ratio > 5:1. Good response is also demonstrated at higher energies using a coplanar grid readout configuration. Spatial resolution capabilities finer than the stripe pitch are demonstrated. We present the image of a 133Ba source viewed through a collimator slit produced by a 4 × 4 stripe detector segment. Charge signals from electron and hole collecting contacts are also discussed. © 1996 IEEE.

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IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science

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