Spin Effects Near the Superconductor-Insulator Transition


P. W. Adams

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Transport and spin-resolved electron tunneling measurements on ultra-thin Al and Be films are used to extract the spin-mediated behavior on either side of the zero-field superconductor-insulator transition. The primary focus of these studies is the behavior of the Zeeman-mediated superconductor-insulator transition in Al films with sheet resistances well below the quantum resistance and the nature of the correlated insulator phase in very high resistance Be films. By applying magnetic fields in the plane of the films one can control the Zeeman splitting in these low spin-orbit scattering systems without introducing an orbital response. The data give clear evidence for incoherent pairing effects in both the Zeeman-limited normal state of low resistance Al films and in the correlated insulator phase of very high resistance Be films.

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Conductor-Insulator Quantum Phase Transitions

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