Conversion electron particle parameters of E2 transitions in rare-earth nuclei

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The conversion electron particle parameters b2 have been determined for several E2 transitions in the deformed nuclei 152Sm and 154Gd and the spherical nucleus 152Gd. The b2 values were obtained from e--γ and γ-γ directional correlation studies in which both correlations were measured with the same source for a given transition. The following results were obtained: b2(K)=1.62±0.17 for the 122 keV transition in 152Sm; b2(K)=1.07±0.16 for the 245 keV transition in 152Sm; b2(K)=1.41±0.07 for the 123 keV transition in 154Sm; b2(L)=0.88±0.13 for the 123 keV transition in 154Sm; b2(K)=1.58±0.17 for the 344 keV transition in 152Sm;. The three measured particle parameters for the 122 and 123 keV transitions are about (13±9)%, (25±4)% and (30±10)% lower than theory; that of the 245 keV transition is (38±9)%, lower than theory; and that of the 344 keV transitions agrees with theory (1±11% low). © 1968.

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Nuclear Physics, Section A

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