Precision gamma-ray spectroscopy on the decay of 168Tm

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Precision gamma-ray energy and intensity measurements have been made on the decay of 87 d 168Tm. The uncertainty in energy of the more prominent gamma rays ranged from 20 to 40 eV, and the uncertainty in the relative intensity varied from 1 to 5%. The available conversion electron intensity data were used with the data here to calculate internal conversion coefficients. A decay scheme consistent with these results is presented, and several ambiguities of the previous 168Tm decay schemes have been resolved. The E2 branching ratios from the gamma vibrational band to the ground state band were calculated and, when compared to band-mixing theory, gave the following values for the vibration-rotation coupling parameter z2: 0.0278 ± 0.0055, 0.0284±0.0091, 0.0283±0.0056, 0.0314±0.0025 and 0.0329±0.0015. A weighted average of the values is 0.0320±0.0013. © 1969.

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Nuclear Physics, Section A

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