High-resolution electron and gamma-ray studies and conversion-coefficient measurements in Xe132

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The γ-ray spectrum from the decay of I132 was measured with small- and large-volume, high-resolution Ge(Li) detectors, and 116 transitions were assigned in its decay. Selected regions of the conversion-electron spectrum were measured with an iron double-focusing spectrometer. The K-conversion coefficient of the 772-keV transition that was measured relative to the K-conversion coefficient of the 662-keV transition in Ba137 was used to normalize the electron and γ spectra to obtain the K-conversion coefficients of the 262.7-, 284.7-, 505.9-, 522.6-, 621.0-, 630.2-, 650.6-, 669.8-, 671.5-, 727.1-, 809.8-, 812.3-, 954.6-, 1136.0-, 1143.4-, 1173.2-, 1372.1-, and 1398.6-keV transitions. Conversion coefficients of additional transitions were obtained from electron intensities of other work. From these conversion coefficients, each of the above transitions was assigned an M1 and/or E2 multipolarity. © 1970 The American Physical Society.

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Physical Review C

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