The decay of 172Lu and the rotational bands of 172Yb

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The γ-ray spectra accompanying the electron capture decay of 172Lu to levels in 172Yb has been studied using Ge(Li) detectors. They-ray intensities reported here were used in conjunction with the available conversion electron intensity data to compute internal conversion coefficients. Of the 128 transitions observed, 97 have been placed in a decay scheme consisting of 28 levels. Multipolarity possibilities were determined for 86 transitions. Log ft values, reduced transition probability ratios and inertial parameters were computed and used to identify rotational bands at 1172 keV (K = 3), 1466 keV (K = 2), 1609 keV (K = 2), 1662 keV (K = 3), 2073 keV (K = 4) and 2174 keV (K = 3). These bands and the ground state band contain 23 of the proposed levels. The five remaining levels at 1640, 1706, 2181, 2213 and 2343 keV were classified only according to spin-parity possibilities. The reduced B(E2) transition probability ratios and the band mixing parameters for transitions between levels of the K = 2 bands and the ground state rotational band were computed and compared to theoretical predictions. © 1970.

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Nuclear Physics, Section A

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