Absolute cross sections for (N14, 4n) and (N14, 5n) reactions induced on Pr141 and Nd142

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Cross sections for the reactions (N14, 4n) and (N14, 5n) induced on Pr141 and Nd142 were determined by detecting the decay of the products Dy151,150 and Ho152,151, respectively. The experimental technique consisted of a direct recoil catch measurement combined with one using a gas-jet-capillary system. With recently determined -decay branching ratios counting rates were converted into absolute cross sections. Reasonable agreement was found between these experimental data and results obtained from statistical-model calculations. NUCLEAR REACTIONS Pr141(N14, 4n), (N14, 5n), measured at 92 MeV; Nd142(N14, 4n), (N14, 5n), measured at 73 and 79 MeV, deduced (E) for E=58-98 MeV. © 1975 The American Physical Society.

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Physical Review C

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