Decays of 117Xe 117I 117 Te

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Mass separated 117117I117Te decays were studied on-line by bombarding Pd104 with 86 MeV O16 ions and off-line by bombarding Ag107,109 with 50-70 MeV C12. From gamma ray and x ray singles, half-life, excitation function, and coincidence measurements, 26 gamma rays are assigned to the deccay of Xe117 and 31 gamma rays are assigned to the I117 decay. The half-lives were measured to be 612 sec, 2.22±0.04 min, 62±2 min, and 2.8×0.2 h for Xe117, I117, Te117,, and Sb117, respectively. Eight new levels are deduced in I117 and seven new levels in Te117. From the Kurie plot of the positron spectrum, the QEC(117Xe117I) was determined to be 6.27±0.30 MeV. © 1985 The American Physical Society.

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Physical Review C

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