Asymptotic symmetry, Lagrangian gauge model, and the PVV vertex

L. H. Chan, Yale University
L. Clavelli, Yale University
R. Torgerson, The Ohio State University


We study a model in which SU(3) breaking in the PVV vertex is determined by the requirement of asymptotic nonet symmetry. A vector-meson gauge model is constructed which satisfies this asymptotic symmetry condition. The model also incorporates the usual asymptotic symmetry result for the VPP vertex, the field-current identities, and the algebra of fields. Nevertheless, we obtain a second Weinberg sum rule of the Das-Mathur-Okubo form, and consequently, a quadratic mass formula as in a mass-mixing model. The predictions of the model are compared with available experimental data on meson decays involving the PVV vertex. The predicted rates for radiative decays of vector mesons are also given. © 1969 The American Physical Society.