The structure of high spin states in 184Hg and 186Hg

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The structure of 184Hg has been studied through the 156Gd(32S, 4n) reaction. The spins of the levels up to 18+ were established by measuring directional correlation ratios from oriented nuclei. Mean lifetimes of the levels from 8+ to 18+ were measured by the Doppler shift attenuation method. The deduced |β2| values are nearly constant to indicate a stable nuclear shape. The deformed band (up to tentative spin 24+) shows two upbendings at h {combining short stroke overlay}ω ∼ 0.26 MeV and h {combining short stroke overlay}ω ∼ 0.33 MeV. Cranked shell-model calculations suggest that these band-crossings can be associated with vi 13 2 and πh 9 2 pairs at prolate shape. A new interpretation of previously reported band structures in 186Hg is given. © 1986.

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Physics Letters B

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