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The UNISOR on-line nuclear orientation facility (UNISOR/NOF) consists of a3He-4He dilution refrigerator on line to the isotope separator. Nuclei are implanted directly into a target foil which is soldered to the bottom accessed cold finger of the refrigerator. A 1.5 T superconducting magnet polarizes the ferromagnetic target foils and determines the axis of symmetry. Up to eight gamma detectors can be positioned around the refrigerator, each 9 cm from the target. A unique feature of this system is that the k=4 term in the directional distribution function can be directly and unambigously deduced so that a single solution for the mixing ratio can be found. The first on-line experiment at this facility reported here was a study of the decay of the191Hg and193Hg isotopes. © 1998 J.C. Baltzer A.G., Scientific Publishing Company.

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Hyperfine Interactions

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