Nuclear structure studies of187Ir via on-line nuclear orientation

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A more complete level scheme is presented here for the decay of187Pt, incorporating many new lines and levels up to 2.4 MeV. Emphasis has been placed on the extraction of multipole mixing ratios from nuclear orientation data. Analysis of that data, however, required a more complete understanding of the level structure (including, in particular, branching ratios, conversion coefficients, and level feedings), prompting the collection of new spectroscopy data. The low-lying, positive-parity levels are described in terms of (odd-proton) single-particle Nilsson states coupled to a triaxial core. Multipole mixing ratios are compared to those calculated in the Particle-Plus-Triaxial-Rotor Model. © 1992 J.C. Baltzer A.G., Scientific Publishing Company.

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Hyperfine Interactions

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