Excitation energy of the πs1/2 intruder state in Bi189

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In a series of Ti48 bombardments of Sm144 the decay energy of the Bim189 (πs1/2) α transition that proceeds to the (πs1/2) ground state of Tl185 was measured to be 7.30(4) MeV. This result establishes the excitation energy of Bim189 as 190(40) keV rather than the adopted 92(10)-keV value. Our data indicate a leveling off in excitation energy at N106 for the s1/2 intruder state in the odd-A Bi isotopes rather than a continued drop at that neutron number as inferred by Coenen et al. in their discussion of intruder state systematics in the Pb region. Consequences of this discrepancy for the adopted excitation energy of the πs1/2 isomer in Bi187 are discussed. © 1995 The American Physical Society.

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Physical Review C

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