Determination of the [Formula Presented] α reduced width

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The isotope [Formula Presented] was produced in the [Formula Presented][Formula Presented]Ti, 2n) reaction and its α-decay energy and half-life were measured to be 7.49(4) MeV and 2.[Formula Presented] ms, respectively. These data compare as follows with preliminary values reported by Quint et al.: [Formula Presented]=7482(20) keV and a [Formula Presented]=9.[Formula Presented] ms. While the two energies agree, the half-lives differ by a factor of almost 5. The earlier data yield an α reduced width which is much smaller than those of neighboring nuclides; our [Formula Presented] energy and half-life result in a width that fits the overall α-decay-rate systematics in the mass region above the Z=82 closed shell. © 1996 The American Physical Society.

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Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics

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