Fine structure in the [Formula Presented] decay of [Formula Presented]Bi

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A detailed [Formula Presented]-decay study was performed for [Formula Presented]Bi produced in the reaction of [Formula Presented]Mo on [Formula Presented]Mo at 418 MeV. Evaporation residues were selected in-flight using the Argonne fragment mass analyzer and implanted into a double sided silicon strip detector. The correlation technique between implants and subsequent decays was used to observe new weak [Formula Presented] branches of [Formula Presented]Bi to excited states in [Formula Presented]Tl. A more precise value of 182(8) keV for the excitation energy of the [Formula Presented][Formula Presented] intruder state in [Formula Presented]Bi was determined. The [Formula Presented] decay of the [Formula Presented]Bi (9/2[Formula Presented] ground state to the [Formula Presented] level at 284 keV was observed for the first time. In addition, the [Formula Presented] decay of [Formula Presented]Bi was remeasured. Reduced widths for the [Formula Presented] decays of odd-[Formula Presented]Bi nuclei to states in their Tl daughters are discussed. © 1997 The American Physical Society.

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Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics

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