[Formula Presented]-decay properties of [Formula Presented]Po and the identification of [Formula Presented]Po

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The [Formula Presented]-decay properties of [Formula Presented]Po were investigated through the use of a fragment mass analyzer in conjunction with a double-sided Si strip detector. The isotope was produced via the [Formula Presented] reaction, and its [Formula Presented]-decay energy and [Formula Presented] were measured as 7529(10) keV and [Formula Presented] ms, respectively. The resulting reduced width is nearly identical to that of the [Formula Presented] isotopes. This is believed to result from significant mixing between the ground state [Formula Presented] and the low-lying [Formula Presented] intruder state in the Po parent. The result provides further evidence for shape coexistence in the light Po isotopes. In addition, [Formula Presented] was unambiguously identified, and the [Formula Presented]-decay branch was determined experimentally for the first time. © 1997 The American Physical Society.

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Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics

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