Identification of a proton-emitting isomer in [Formula Presented]

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An isomer of [Formula Presented] was identified by its direct proton radioactivity. It was produced by bombardment of [Formula Presented] with 266-MeV [Formula Presented] from the Holifield Radioactive-Ion Beam Facility, mass separated with a recoil separator and implanted in a double-sided silicon strip detector, which provided signals to correlate each proton decay with a particular implant. The proton energy and half-life of [Formula Presented] were measured to be 1310(10) keV and [Formula Presented] respectively. The half-life of the previously known [Formula Presented] ground state was observed to be [Formula Presented] in agreement with the previously adopted value of 88(10) ms. Comparison of the half-life of [Formula Presented] with WKB barrier-penetration calculations leads to the conclusion that the isomer is a [Formula Presented] proton state. A two-potential approach predicts a half-life of [Formula Presented] which yields an experimental spectroscopic factor of [Formula Presented] © 1999 The American Physical Society.

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Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics

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