Closed-loop corrections to the SU3 × SU3 σ model: One- and two-point functions

Lai Him Chan, Louisiana State University
Richard W. Haymaker, Louisiana State University


We present the calculation of one-loop corrections to the one- and two-point functions in the renormalizable SU3 σ model with a symmetry-breaking term LSB=ε0σ0+ε8σ8. We renormalized at the masses of π, K, η, η′, σ, and fπ. The second-order corrections are found to be small compared to tree-approximation values. The measure of octet breaking, b=σ82σ0, changes less than 5%. The value of a=ε82ε0 is insignificantly changed. The scalar-meson masses are shifted by less than 10%, with the exception of the σ′. The widths are large, with the exception of the πN. We calculate corrections to fKfπ, the wave-function renormalization constants, mixing angles, and the renormalized π and K propagators at q2=0. © 1973 The American Physical Society.