Tests of the standard model from superallowed Fermi β-decay studies: The 74Rb β-decay

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Precise measurements of the intensities of superallowed Fermi 0+ → 0- β-decays have provided a powerful test of the CVC hypothesis at the level of 3 × 10-4 and also led to a result in disagreement with unitarity for the CKM matrix at the 98% confidence level. It is essential to address possible trivial explanations for the apparent non-unitarity such as uncertainties in the isospin symmetry-breaking corrections. We have carefully studied the 74Rb→74Kr β-decay in order to measure the non-analog β-decay branching to the 0+ state at 508 keV in 74Kr. We have determined that this branching is < 3 × 10-4, far smaller than any published theoretical estimate. We also show that high-precision, complete spectroscopy, measuring the major β-branches to excited 0+ and 1+ states, must be performed if one is to obtain a meaningful branching ratio to the excited 0+ state and concomitantly deal, in a substantial way, with the possibility of β feeding to an array of 1+ states.

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European Physical Journal A

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