Neutron single-particle states populated via proton emission from 146Tm and 150Lu

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Proton emission from the odd-odd nuclei 146Tm and 150Lu has been reinvestigated by means of the recoil mass spectrometer. In the 146Tm study, the strongest proton transitions at 1.12 MeV and at 1.19 MeV have been assigned to the decay of 146mTm (T 1/2=200±10 ms) and to the 146Tm decay (T 1/2=80±10 ms), respectively. Three new proton lines were identified at 0.89 MeV, 0.94 MeV, and 1.01 MeV. The observed decay pattern has been interpreted by using spherical estimates of emission probabilities. The decays of 146m,gsTm to the vs 1/2145Er ground state and to excited neutron states originating from the vh 11/2 orbital are reported. This work represents the first observation of fine structure in proton emission from an odd-odd nucleus. In the 150Lu study, the proton energy and half-life values of E p= 1277±8 keV and T 1/2=39 -6+8μs for the decay of 150mLu were obtained with better precision, but no evidence for fine structure in the proton emission was found.

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Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics

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