Study of the N = 77 odd- Z isotones near the proton-drip line

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The evolution of the πh 11/2νh 11/2 and πh 11/2νs 1/2 isomeric configurations was studied for the N = 77 isotones near the proton drip line. The decays of metastable levels in 140Eu, 142Tb , and 144Ho were measured by means of X-, gamma- and conversion electron spectroscopy at the Recoil Mass Spectrometer at Oak Ridge. The sequence of isomeric levels in 140Eu was experimentally determined. The half-life of the πh 11/2νh 11/2 state in 142Tb was remeasured to be 25(1) μs. The spins and parities of 5- and 8+ for the πh 11/2νs 1/2 and πh 11/2νh 11/2142Tb isomers, respectively, were established from measured multipolarities. No evidence for the expected 1+ ground state was found in the 144Ho decay data. © Società Italiana di Fisica / Springer-Verlag 2005.

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European Physical Journal A

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