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Gamma-ray and conversion-electron spectroscopy have established the existence of a 2.29(1) s, Kπ=0+, isomeric state in neutron-rich Tm174. The isomer deexcites via 100- and 152-keV electromagnetic transitions. First results from a newly commissioned Si(Li) detector array have established their M1 and E3 multipolarities, respectively. The single-particle configurations of the excited states suggest that the E3 transition originates from a πh11/2-1→πd3/2 configuration change, whereas the M1 transition occurs between members of a Gallaghar-Moszkowski doublet. From the measured half-life, the deduced B(E3) value of 0.024(2) W.u. is highly hindered. The reported measurements resolve ambiguities in the previously proposed β decay scheme of Er174 to Tm174. © 2006 The American Physical Society.

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Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics