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The β decay of Cu75 [t1/2=1.222(8)s] to levels in Zn75 was studied at the Holifield Radioactive Ion Beam Facility of Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The γγ and βγ data were collected at the Low-energy Radioactive Ion Beam Spectroscopy Station using the high-resolution isobar separator to obtain a purified Cu75 beam with a rate of over 2000 ions per second. The excited states in Zn75 have been identified for the first time. A total of 120 γ-ray transitions were placed in a level scheme containing 59 levels including two states above the neutron separation energy and a previously unknown 1/2- isomeric state at 127 keV. Spins and parities of several states were deduced and interpreted based on the observed β feeding and γ-decay pattern. © 2011 American Physical Society.

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Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics