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Transitions in Tb163 following β decay of Gd163 were obtained as part of investigations of γ rays emitted following Eu163β decay to Gd163. Detailed analysis of the low-energy structure of Tb163 has been carried out with these data to expand previous β-decay studies and reactions studies of levels in Tb163. Data were collected at the LeRIBSS station of the Holifield Radioactive Ion Beam Facility at Oak Ridge National Laboratory with an array of four Clover HPGe detectors for γ rays and two plastic scintillators for β detection. The γ rays were identified as belonging to Gd163 and Tb163 via mass selection and γ-γ-β, γ-γ, or γ-x-ray coincidence. In total, 38 new γ-ray transitions were observed in Tb163 from 15 newly identified levels and 12 previously identified levels. Potential energy surface calculations were performed which support a rigid prolate deformation. Previously identified unplaced transitions in Tb163 have been placed within the level scheme of Tb163 and additional states and transitions have been identified.

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Physical Review C