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Neutron-rich nuclei Eu162,164 were produced by bombarding a proton beam on a U238 target at the Holifield Radioactive Ion Beam Facility at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and mass separating the Eu162,164 products. New level schemes and new γ-ray transitions of the daughters Gd162,164 were identified from β-decay spectroscopy studies. Half-lives of the Eu162,164 were remeasured to clarify the previous ambiguous results. Two quasiparticle band structures were built and compared with neighboring nuclei. The β and γ bands were extended in Gd162 and a γ band was extended in Gd164. Half-lives of the isomeric states at (6-) 1449 keV in Gd162 and (4-) 1096 keV in Gd164 were measured to be 99(3) μs and 0.56(3) μs, respectively. Projected shell model calculations were performed and found to be in good agreement with all of the experimental data.

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Physical Review C