Latent adenoviral infection of rats: intranuclear inclusions induced by treatment with a cancer chemotherapeutic agent

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Rats were given a single intravenous injection of the cancer chemotherapeutic agent Cis diammine dichloroplatinum II. Two rats given the drug at a dosage of 9.5 mg/kg were comatose and were killed 4 days after injection. Since injection they had lost weight and developed diarrhea. At necropsy, the intestines were dilated and filled with fluid ingesta. The thymus was greatly reduced in size. Histologically, numerous intranuclear inclusion bodies were found in the epithelial cells on the surface of small intestinal villi of 1 rat. The intranuclear inclusion bodies were identical to those reported for adenoviral infections. The ultrastructure of the viral particles was compatible with those of adenoviruses. The virus associated with the described inclusion bodies remains to be isolated. investigators who may observe similar inclusions as incidental findings should consider adenovirus as a cause of mild disease or latent infection.

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Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association

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