Regulators of the metabolism of l-asparagine: A search for endogenous inhibitors

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1. 1. A study of over 400 intermediary metabolites and naturally occurring macromolecules has been carried out in an attempt to identify molecules capable of regulating the metabolism of l-asparagine. 2. 2. Test systems consisting of mouse hepatic and testicular l-asparaginase, as well as, mouse pancreatic and tumoral l-asparagine synthetase, were used. 3. 3. Selective inhibitors have been categorized as-trace elements; amino acids, analogs and peptides; nucleic acid bases, nucleosides and nucleotides; aldehydes, lipids, porphyrins and pigments; vitamins and coenzymes; proteinaceous materials; citric acid cycle intermediates and related molecules; carbohydrates; and miscellaneous agents. 4. 4. An attempt has been made to extrapolate these in vitro studies to the regulation of the metabolism of l-asparagine in vivo. © 1980.

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International Journal of Biochemistry

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