Crystal structure and electronic and magnetic properties of the bilayered rhodium oxide Sr3Rh2O7

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The bilayered rhodium oxide Sr3Rh2O7 was synthesized by high-pressure and high-temperature heating techniques. The single-phase polycrystalline sample of Sr3Rh2O7 was characterized by measurements of magnetic susceptibility, electrical resistivity, specific heat, and thermopower. The structural characteristics were investigated by powder neutron diffraction study. The rhodium oxide Sr3Rh2O7 [Bbcb,a=5.4744(8) Å, b = 5.4716(9) Å, c= 20.875(2) Å] is isostructural to the metamagnetic metal Sr3Ru2O7, with five 4d electrons per Rh, which is electronically equivalent to the hypothetical bilayered ruthenium oxide, where one electron per Ru is doped into the Ru-327 unit. The present data show the rhodium oxide Sr3Rh2O7 to be metallic with enhanced paramagnetism, similar to Sr3Rh2O7. However, neither manifest contributions from spin fluctuations nor any traces of a metamagnetic transition were found within the studied range from 2 K to 390 K below 70 kOe.

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Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics

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