Synthesis, structure, and physical properties of Ce 2PdGa 10

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A new ternary compound, Ce 2PdGa 10, has been synthesized using Ga flux and characterized by single-crystal X-ray diffraction. Ce 2PdGa 10 adopts a tetragonal structure in the I 4/mmm space group and is isostructural to Ce 2NiGa 10. Lattice parameters are a=4.3230(3)Å, c=26.536(3)Å, V=495.91(7)Å3, and Z=2. The compound is metallic (dρ/dT>0), with the resistance decreasing roughly linearly with temperature from 300 to 175 K. The magnetic susceptibility of Ce 2PdGa 10 is consistent with local-moment paramagnetism and no long-range magnetic ordering occurs down to 2 K. A large positive magnetoresistance over 200% is observed at 2 K for fields of 9 T. In this paper, we present the structure and physical properties of Ce 2PdGa 10 and compared them to CePdGa 6. The crystal structure of Ce 2PdGa 10 is shown along the c-axis. The Ce atoms of the Ce-Ga3 layers are shaded in dark gray, edge-sharing PdGa 8/4 rectangular prisms are shaded in light gray, and the Ga atoms are denoted as white circles. © 2004 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

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Journal of Solid State Chemistry

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