Electrodeposition of magnetic multilayers into micro- And nano- recesses

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An overview of recent topics at Louisiana State University is reviewed with an emphasis on electrodeposited alloys into deep recessed geometries. Microposts of CoCu/Cu have been fabricated that exhibit magnetoresistance when the current is perpendicular to the layers. Invar-like FeNiCu/Cu microposts having low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) exhibit a negative CTE prior to heat treatment. Microhardness of the Invar-like copper multilayered microposts was comparable to NiW alloys deposited as microposts. The electrodeposition of rare earth-transition metals were found to behave similar to NiW. Nanowire and nanotube deposition of CoGd and CoGd/Cu multilayers were presented. copyright The Electrochemical Society.

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ECS Transactions

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