Unconventional ferrimagnetic ordering of Ce in the anisotropic metal CeCr Sb3

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We report on the magnetization and electrical resistivity on single crystals of CeCr Sb3, a ferromagnetic metal with large anisotropy. It undergoes two ferromagnetic transitions: the first is at TCr =115 K due to the electrons from the Cr ions and the second is a gradual alignment of the Ce3+ 4f electrons between 48 and 18 K. The Cr moments behave similarly in LaCr Sb3, with the easy axis along the b axis. Below 48 K, the Ce moments begin to align along the c axis, and as the applied field increases, their effect on the magnetization increases in importance, resulting in nearly linear behavior of Mc (T) for H=30 kG. At 5 K, the saturation moment along the c axis is 3.28 μB/f.u., and along the b axis, the magnetization saturates to 1.29 μB/f.u., the difference being only 7% less than the predicted Hund's rule value for Ce3+, indicating that the 4f moments have fully aligned along the c axis. © 2007 The American Physical Society.

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Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics

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