Magnetic properties of the single crystal stannides Ln7Co6Sn23 (Ln=Dy, Ho) and Ln5Co6Sn18 (Ln=Er, Tm)

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Single crystals of Ln7Co6Sn23 (Ln=Dy, Ho) and Ln5Co6Sn18 (Ln=Er, Tm) have been grown using tin-flux. Ln7Co6Sn23 (Ln=Dy, Ho) adopts the trigonal Ho7Co6Sn23 structure type in space group P3̄m1 (No. 164) with a=9.6420(4) Å, c=9.8590(5) Å, and V=793.77(6) Å3 for Dy7Co6Sn23 and a=9.6210(3) Å, c=9.8210(4) Å, and V=787.27(5) Å3 for Ho7Co6Sn23 (Z=1). Whilst Ln5Co6Sn18 (Ln=Er, Tm) adopts the tetragonal Sn1-xErxEr4Rh6Sn18 structure (I41/acd, No. 142) with a=13.5310(2) Å, c=26.9970(4) Å, V=4942.83(13) Å3 for Er5Co6Sn18 and a=13.5190(6) Å, c=26.9760(9) Å, V=4930.2(4) Å3 for Tm5Co6Sn18 (Z=8). We report the low-temperature magnetic behavior of the above compounds. Dy7Co6Sn23, Ho7Co6Sn2, Er5Co6Sn18 and Tm5Co6Sn18 show weak magnetic interactions. A signature of magnetic ordering is only observed in Dy7Co6Sn23. © 2007 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

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Physica B: Condensed Matter

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