Synthesis and magnetic and charge-transport properties of the correlated 4d post-perovskite CaRhO 3

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A high-quality polycrystalline sample of the correlated 4d post-perovskite CaRhO 3 (Rh 4+:4d 5, S e = 1/2) was attained under a moderate pressure of 6 GPa. Since the post-perovskite is quenchable at ambient pressure/temperature, it can be a valuable analogue of the post-perovskite MgSiO 3 (stable higher than 120 GPa and unstable at ambient pressure), which is a significant key material in earth science. The sample was subjected for measurements of charge-transport and magnetic properties. The data clearly indicate it goes into an antiferromagnetically ordered state below ∼90 K in an unusual way, in striking contrast to what was observed for the perovskite phase. The post-perovskite CaRhO 3 offers future opportunities for correlated electrons science as well as earth science. © 2009 American Chemical Society.

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Journal of the American Chemical Society

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